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  • HJ-1000


    Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond Co。, Ltd。 manufactured HJ-100 press production line with intelligent network and new technique of synthetic diam。。。

  • Ultra-polished milling cutter

    Ultra-polished milling cutter

    Face milling of aluminium alloy and light metal alloy; ultra-polished mirror face....

  • Grinding wheel for PCD、PCBN cutter

    Grinding wheel for PCD、PCBN cutter

    Used for precision grinding of superhard cutting tool, end face and cavity; for processing of PCD、PCBN cutters. Edge quality is high; product...

  • Micrometer wire of diamond 150 (silicon wafer slicing)

    Micrometer wire of diamond 150 (silicon wafer slicing)

    1. Diamond is well-distributed and packaged; sharpness is good and efficiency is high. 2. Lost of kerf is low with high capacity....

  • SCMD-WD (special powder for diamond wire)

    SCMD-WD (special powder for diamond wire)

    Product performance: raw material is MBD series diamond of high strength with special processing; crystal is regular, grit size distribution an。。。

  • Gem Diamond

    Gem Diamond

    Used for men’s wallet。。。

  • SCD01<25/400>


    Crystal is irregular; clarity is low; magnetism is high. Used for manufacturing of resin, metal and electroplated grinding tools....

  • SCDA-6


    Microcrystalline diamond by static pressure method is of high purity with nice crystal shape of hexahedron and octahedron, widely used in preci...

  • Diamond Synthetic Block

    Diamond Synthetic Block

    Brief arrangement structure, easy operation。 A whole series of powder block for various cavities are offered, and can be used to synthesize sin。。。